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Ad design: Rox "Airflo" leather jacket

Client: Rider Trade

From Konrad's personal portfolio, way back in 1998. When working for Bellville-based SmartArt, Konrad had to render an air conditioner button (like the ones you find in a car) for a poster advertising Rox's latest accessory, the Airflo Jacket. Made for South African weather, the Airflo leather jacket was perforated to allow your skin to breathe under summer conditions.

The point-of-sale advertisement design's heading read "Air Con". Konrad loved it. It was Phil Evans's idea. So, Konrad rendered an air con button that looked like it was part of the leather background, although, looking at it now, the background doesn't really look like a leather jacket. It doesn't matter, because it still worked.

Since we couldn't afford a professional photographer on the low budget available at the time, the poster had to be drawn digitally, from scratch. No 3D programmes* were used or abused.

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By the way, SmartArt was a side project for Phil and Oliver Moritz's Rider Trade. It was of course where Konrad got his (in)famous one-piece leather pants from. That little design studio was invaluable in kick-starting Konrad's portfolio after having been MIA in the design world for many years, and he's forever grateful to those two. Oliver and Konrad have been close friends since they were in Sub A (Grade 1).

* Konrad once tried a 3D rendering app, but upon opening it, couldn't recognise a single term in the drop down menus, so he gave up. 3D Rendering is something best left to specialists, as is animation (we only do simple GIF animations, like the one on our home page or for our web banner designs).


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