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You are here: Home > Ads > Mock Eskom ad: Koeberg

Mock advertisement design: Koeberg

Client: Ek's Dom

During the Eskom screw-up, when we had to endure weekly blackouts, Konrad managed to see a lighter side of it, albeit in his usual black humour kind of way. This rough, 3-frame ad created just for fun in 2006, describes the true horror of Koeberg Nuclear Power Station: If Eskom is that incompetent, just how safe do we feel here in Cape Town?

Konrad reckons it's a good thing the national government hasn't moved Parliament to Pretoria yet - he sleeps better knowing the government risks their own lives with the rest of us Capetonians for 6 months of the year *grin*

View the full size ad here >

More on the Eskom saga on the "Restraining" Cartoon page >

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