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Advertisement design: Wine route

Client: Durbanville Wine Valley Association

Pieter de Waal (then marketing manager of DWV, ex-Vinotage owner and Hermit on the Hill wine label owner) commissioned this quadruple page spread for a magazine. It helps having access to professional photographs and a client who knows what he wants.

Konrad wanted something with white space and a clean look - not as easy as it sounds. For starters, most clients want to stuff more information into their ads than it can handle, not realising that less is more.*

In any case, the ad succeeded beautifully, partly because Pieter doesn't have that aforementioned problem. Wide line spacing, choosing the correct sans-serif font for body text, and subtle headings, also help.

Full ad here >

* Konrad himself had this problem when updating this very website for the first time in 5 years (April 2011). Just how does someone weed out the less important info and pics when it's his own baby we're talking about? And how to avoid sentimentality?

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