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More about Konrad (and his cat)

On this page:
So, who the hell are "we"?
What makes us special
  What we don't do
Where's our studio?

So, who the hell are "we"?

We are Konrad Rode and his cat, Spike Nosferatu. Spike plays an essential role in the design process, despite the lack of opposable thumbs. Says Spike, "When I thay Konwad mutht take a bwake, he taykth a bwake."*

* Translates as, "When I say Konrad must take a break, he takes a break." Spike may be past retirement age, but he has fearsome teeth last seen thousands of years ago in the now extinct sabre tooth tiger. This does mean Spike has a lithp sorry, lisp.



What makes us special

Ego vs The Job

Konrad's pragmatic approach to design serves his clients and their markets, instead of his ego (he hopes). It's something designers only learn through experience.


An important distinction is that Konrad's designs belong to his clients – they paid for it, after all. Most design studios like to believe they still own the artwork/website, and so when they lose a client, they often refuse to hand over the original files, or sometimes give only low resolution files.

Once a job is done, we send our clients the original files.

About website development

Please note that Konrad does not do web design anymore.

Our clients

Our clients are typically small businesses, although we've had large corporations as clients before - usually for an area-specific division.

We understand what it means to start from scratch, so we advise some clients on cheaper options when they don't yet have the ideal budget, even if it means we don't get any work from them - we've been there ourselves.



What we don't do

We're not superhuman*** yet. While all of the services mentioned on the buttons above are done in-house, other services are outsourced to trusted service providers when needed. Clients are always welcome to use their own providers.

*** Of course, Konrad has witnessed Spike "swim" through a hedge. Twice. That's not human.

So, here's what we don't do:
  1. True 3D rendering
  2. Live caricatures
  3. Professional printing (outsourced)
  4. Business cards and letterheads as stand-alone services

    While our rates are fair, we openly discuss cheaper options with prospective clients who have small budgets.

    For instance, as a rule of thumb we don't design business cards as a stand-alone service, unless the client is prepared to pay R1 000+ excl. printing, for something special.

    We don't compete with instant card shops like Quickprint. They're ideal for super fast, dirt cheap business cards and they'd probably design and print 500 cards for you for only R500.

Contact us for a free quotation.



Where's our studio?

At Konrad's home in Eversdal (in Durbanville), Cape Town, but he prefers meeting his clients in coffee shops or at their place of work. Konrad has clients from other cities like Johannesburg and Pretoria, and has many clients he's never even met. All this is possible because of this thing called thee Interwebz.

Although Konrad's studio moved away from Bellville, and then the Southern Suburbs, he still serves clients everywhere hell, who still sees their clients? En Konrad is Afrikaans, so moenie worry oor die taal nie (Spike leer nog hy's 'n Engelsman).

So, join Konrad for a cuppa somewhere and let's see what we can do you for your business ;-)


Get a free quotation!
  Contact Konrad at or on 082 44 66 526 during office hours.

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