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Banner ad designs for websites

Client: Colliers International / South Africa

Sanett Uys of Colliers's marketing dept. approached Konrad for the design of a series of classy banners for use on Colliers International's South African website. Konrad was particularly pleased about the result, having been more or less freed from their design guidelines for this one. The ads were static (i.e. not animated), but a script was used to revolve the banners.

See these banners full size >
(We've stacked the banners underneath each other, but on the actual website, the banners simply swop)


Client: Rode & Associates property researchers

Since we're responsible for Rode's website design, we also design banner ads for them to use in ad campaigns, be it to advertise their expert research publications, annual conferences or valuation services.

The banners are usually animated GIF's – not Flash* files and we limit ourselves to small file sizes for faster downloads. This does limit the complexity and look of the banners, but overall it's the best option.

Some Rode banners >


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   Ad design for OP Africa orthopaedics distributor

* What is Flash? Flash files are animated image or movie files used in many websites. In the case of animation, they're a better choice than GIF files, as Flash is capable of using vector art instead of pixel art, meaning the files are much smaller, colour is accurate, and transitions are much smoother. In the case of movie files, what you see on YouTube are Flash files.

There's a reason we don't use Flash though – too many people use Flash blockers, which means the site would look pretty ugly to them. Nowadays, there's a campaign by Apple and Microsoft to rid the world of Flash, mostly because Flash is processor intensive, meaning in the world of mobile smart phones, battery life can get severely shortened by Flash files.

In fact, the world's 2nd most popular smart phone, the iPhone, ignores Flash. Flash will still be around for a long time though, and the jury's out over whether Flash will even go the way of the dinosaur at all.


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