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Caricature: "Dingdong" girl

Client: Dingdong SA Online Property Directory

OK, this was a strange one. An online property directory approached us to create a kind of logo or mascot for their business. She had to be female, and obviously in office gear. So Konrad created both a digital vector illustration and a freehand illustration of what he thought this girl might look like.

Only thing is, in the freehand version, she ended up being a caricature of his ex-girlfriend! How that happened, we don't know, but obviously it was a subconscious thing.

It must be said that there's no way in hell she would dress like that – quite the opposite – she's actually a fashion designer for very informal, alternative wear. Konrad guesses that's what an alternative universe's Jacqui might look like.

Full caricature and vector art alternative (rough drafts) >


Speaking of her...

Photo-illustration: PVC fashion label

Client: J. Partridge & Daughters

This second part of the page is really just a free ad for for a great fashion designer.

We did a series of posters for J Partridge & Daughters, a Cape Town clothing design studio, using digital illustration techniques - mostly screwing around, for the fun of it. This was waaay back in 1999, Konrad seems to remember. These posters were hung inside the small shopping complex of the Purple Turtle near Greenmarket Square, where the studio was situated, to attract attention to it.

The fashion label, owned by Jacqui Partridge, specialised in custom-made clothing and fabrics ranging from velvet to PVC (vinyl). The market was fringe fashion-conscious women, age 16 to 40, and in the case of PVC, it was specifically aimed at the Industrial/Fetish crowd.

PS: Jacqui's new shop, Mystic Rose (we didn't design the website), now has two branches, in Muizenberg and Kalk Bay. She also exhibits unique designs as Jacqueline Partridge. Call her on 021 788 5707.

In this example, the original photograph was shot in black & white by an independent photographer at Rhodes Memorial in Cape Town. We added the purple haze, dreamy texture and lightning using digital filters. The organic feel of the enlarged type echoes the feel of the background.

OK, so it's not exactly going to win prises, but as we mentioned before, Konrad had fun. Photographer: Louise. Model: Candice.


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