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Caricatures of conference speakers

Client: Rode & Associates Property Consultants

The 2008 e-mailed announcement for Rode & Associates' annual property conference involved caricatures of the speakers – all expert economists. It was a great idea by Rode's marketing manager Lynette Smit, and we ended up with a colourful, eye catching e-mail.

Obviously we couldn't draw a detailed caricature of each speaker due to the budget involved as well as the small sizes, but we did relatively simple, scaled down illustrations that did the job.

It was quite difficult, as it was based on one photo of each speaker, often in difficult lighting, missing detail and so forth, but we managed after Lynette sent back two caricatures for being ... less than flattering to the speakers ;-) It is of course the nature of caricaturists to distort people's stand-out features, but one must find that balance between humour and flattery.

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Caricature as corporate gift: Directors

Client: BDO Spencer Steward

Konrad was approached by chartered accountants BDO's staff to create a group caricature of the directors of BDO. The budget was relatively small, so they wanted a line art group caricature.

Konrad was sent separate photographs of each director, which he then caricaturised and pasted into a group.

Caricaturing one face takes time, so in the case of a group, less time is spent perfecting each of the caricatures.

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   Caricatures of Tito Mboweni and EG Rode


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