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Cartoon for wine label

Client: Hermit on the Hill

Pieter de Waal, whose wine label Hermit on the Hill is steadily gaining popularity, needed a limited edition label as a Xmas gift for friends, late 2010. The title must've referred to the recession, or maybe some personal troubles, but both Konrad and Pieter were very satisfied with the label.

Full label here >


Cartoon for flight school certificate

Client: David Barnes

David approached Konrad for a cartoon of a botched landing attempt to add humour to his flight school certificates. For some reason, Konrad particularly likes drawing cartoons depicting things going wrong, so he obviously enjoyed this one.

* Probably the same reason he loves doomsday scenarios so much, e.g. the mythical coming zombie apocalypse, or slightly more realistic, a virus like weaponised Ebola or the real possibility of human-to-human birdflu that largely wipes out humanity, as a form of black humour.

Full cartoon here >


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   Cartoons for training programmes: "Bad fish" & "Sleepwalking"


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