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Editorial rendering: "Speedometer"

Client: Rode & Associates Property Consultants

Pretty straightforward job, this one – draw a speedometer, decelerating. Done.

Konrad's renderings always consist of the actual vector art, then some added perspective and reflections for realism.

Full rendering here >


Pseudo-3D rendering: "Hurdles"

Client: Rode & Associates Property Economists

For this 2001 issue of Rode's mainstay property economics publication Rode's Report, we simply rendered hurdles (vector, then pixel), set at lowered height, to indicate well... low hurdle rates!

The background shows all types of property affected – industrial, residential and shopping centres. This was more of a technical than conceptual exercise.

Konrad had Coetzenburg sport stadium in his mind when doing this job, from his days as a student at Stellenbosch University. There was this dam behind Coetzenburg where students could cool down from the blistering summer heat. Good memories.

Full rendering here >


More examples of pseudo-3D art:


 Property valuation plans & diagrams for The Shuttleworth Foundation


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   Property valuation plans & diagrams for The Shuttleworth Foundation

Please note: "Rendering" is a word used more commonly to describe three-dimensional art. We don't do 3-D renderings, only pseudo-3D, i.e. flat illustrations that imitate 3D. These are not as realistic as true 3D, but are ideal as editorial illustrations.

For more examples, see the Crystal ball, Symbols for property types, Air Con & Soccer logo and CBD & Cards renderings.


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