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As an illustrator, much of Konrad's illustration work could be classified as cartoons, renderings and even caricatures. In this, the "Illustration" section, we tried to show only those that don't fall under the other 3 categories. Still, a few examples are repeated in more than one section.


Illustration of manga "faerie"

Personal project

This was a personal project of Konrad's from about the year 2000. He wanted to capture the essence of a very beautiful and unique-looking acquaintance of his in a faerie caricature, but rendered in Japanese comic style (manga).

The ivy leaves were scanned, cut and pasted, and the rest hand drawn, re-scanned and manipulated in both vector and pixel editors. Colour was digitally airbrushed. If Konrad did it again, he'd rather just photograph those leaves.

Full illustration here >

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   Illustration for research publication: "Oil crisis?"


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