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Editorial illustration: "Shocks"

Client: Rode & Associates Property Economists

This illustration was done for the early 2008 edition of Rode's Report on the SA Property Market.

While re-compiling this portfolio, Konrad suddenly realised what inspired him to draw this illustration: Terminator 2! C'mon, admit it, you loved it right? Yes, it was typical Hollywood skop, skiet en donner with pretentious voiceovers and a real-life robot playing a robot, but the effects were dazzling – I mean, it had a scary robot made of quicksilver!

Anyway, the scene at the beginning of the movie where the Governator beams back in time and you see bolts of electricity among those trucks, well, this is it. See how the building in the front seems to wobble from the heated air?

This was Konrad's first and so far, last attempt at using a Wacom tablet - those digital pens you draw with on a slab. Damn difficult to control, but in this case it was perfect. That jittery effect was precisely what Konrad wanted. Maybe he'll try that tablet again some day. (Deep voice) "ISLE BEE BUCK*..."

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* Arnie-speak for "I'll be back"

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   Book cover illustration: "The Waterbearer"


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