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Pseudo-3D rendering: "Airflo"

Client: Rider Trade t/a Rox Leathers

When working for SmartArt* back in 1998, Konrad had to render an air conditioner button (like the ones you find in a car) for a point-of-sale poster advertisement displaying RoX Leathers' latest accessory, the Airflo Jacket. Made for South African weather, the Airflo leather jacket is perforated to allow your skin to breathe under summer conditions.

Since we couldn't afford a professional photographer on the low budget available at the time, the poster had to be rendered (drawn) digitally, from scratch. No 3D programmes or plug-ins were used.

Credit must go to Phil Evans of Rider Trade for the concept.

Full poster rendering >


Pseudo-3D rendering: Soccer logo

Client: Durbanville Wine Valley Association

Michelle Van Staden of DWV asked Konrad to create a logo for their festivities during the FIFA World Cup in South Africa during 2010. So he started with Google Images' advanced search, and searched for a ±100 years* until he found a nice, high res soccer ball that didn't seem to have copyright issues attached to it.

The football had another country's design on it, and so began the laborious process of removing the colours and correcting the resulting uneven shadows and highlights, which meant lots of screwing around with channels and layers.

What? Still reading? Jeez, you must be bored. Call us now on 082 44 66 526 for a quotation, man!

At Wikipedia we downloaded all the top participating countries' flags, tried them in all sorts of different arrangements, including cutting them into hexagonal shapes, splicing them into a pattern etc., but realising this could take days, he splashed the South African flag on the ball by spherising the flag before "pasting" it over the ball.

The vuvuzelas were also quite hard to get since most images available clearly were copyrighted, but aanhouer wen as they say, and so he decolourised the right vuvu, added custom reflection and shadow and his own colours, and voila!

Needless to say this went waaay past what Durbanville Wine Valley needed, so we didn't charge for all the extra hours.

Don't worry if you discover Konrad's obsessive side – he tries not to make it clients' problem, and besides, his cat and current design partner Spike makes bloody sure Konrad doesn't get stuck in a project (he has fearsome teeth and claws, despite being 80 years old).

Anyway, the result looked delicious. And yes, we know the light's point of origin is all wrong, but who cares? Embiggen thee rendering >

* By this time, internet access in South Africa had become fast enough to use, and Google would have pointed Konrad to ready-made 3D models for use by simply reading his brain waves, but unfortunately Konrad only discovered this was possible after having already punched in the temporal coordinates in the overpriced but good looking Apple iTimemachine he had just acquired via Amazon Science, to get back in time for the World Cup festivities.

More examples of pseudo-3D art:


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   Renderings: "CBD dawn" and "Tumbling cards"

Please note: "Rendering" is a word used more commonly to describe three-dimensional art. We don't do 3-D renderings, only pseudo-3D, i.e. flat illustrations that imitate 3D. These are not as realistic as true 3D, but are ideal as editorial illustrations.

For more examples, see the Crystal ball, Symbols for property types, CBD & Cards and Speedometer & Hurdles renderings.

* SmartArt

SmartArt was a side project of Phil and Oliver Moritz's Rider Trade. It was of course where Konrad got his (in)famous one-piece leather pants from.

That little design studio was invaluable in kick-starting Konrad's portfolio after having been MIA in the design world for many years, and he's forever grateful to those two. Oliver has been a close friend of Konrad's since they were only 5 years old, and he could be described as a jack of all trades.

Oliver has been a direct salesman, property agent, accountant and company manager, and has worked for anything from political parties to software companies. On the side, Oliver's passion is his trade in anything from collectors' comic books to toys to coins. The best way to describe him would be highly intelligent, honest, hard working, loyal, kind-hearted, meticulous and fair.

Konrad often jokes that when the world ends, Oliver will be the first to trade in something useful. You can reach him on 076 036 0470 if you're interested in his collector's items or if you have anything you want to sell.


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