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Web design

Our web design services range from online brochure design to even news and e-commerce site development. Konrad's strength lies in original, simple web designs characterised by:

  • Easy navigation and
  • Fast loading times, but above all, websites that
  • Rank well for their industry on Google.

Our websites pay for themselves in no time.

In fact, the only form of marketing Konrad uses for his work is this very website you're looking at.

Once a client's website is finished, we hand over control to them, unlike those R400/month "free" websites that end up costing more and which clients lose should they want to move their site to a professional (only R20+/month) host, or should they wish to have a proper website designed.


Corporate website design

Client: Rode & Associates Property Economists
For small, less corporate-looking websites, start with our next example of web design services.

A news site and online brochure, the Rode & Associates website is a gateway to the largest property economist in South Africa, Rode's research publications and valuations service. The News area was created to attract clients to the site.

In its previous incarnation, we designed it as an e-commerce website, but this function was shelved after a few years due to the high cost of secure electronic transactions at the time.

The website was split into three different URL's – rode.co.za, rodevaluations.co.za and rodeplan.co.za – to offer more specific services, which is good for placement at search engines and for accentuating Rode's property valuations and urban planning services.

View Rode's live website >

This website design was part of the larger corporate identity development for Rode. See here >


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   Web design for recruitment company

So, you need a website?

Let's demystify a few things. There are 3 parts you will need to pay for:

  1. Domain name registration – e.g. the name www.mycompany.co.za – ±R100/year

  2. Hosting – the server your site will physically be hosted on – R20+/month

  3. Website design, search engine optimisation etc. – prices are around R5 000, but can be up to R20 000, depending upon which of the following you need:

    1. A standard website that will introduce you to the public?

    2. Or extras like e-commerce, forum, database, blog or website that you can update yourself.


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