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Web design: Orthopaedics supplier

Client: Medis Medical

A website design dating back to ±2004.

Although Medis probably doesn't rely much on search engines for references – they supply GP's and hospitals – having a Web presence is essential nowadays. When prospective clients to any business search for it online and get nothing, that business loses a substantial amount of credibility.

The second goal of the website was to have their list of products available on demand, as well as their contact details, obviously.

One of the benefits of online brochures, as opposed to printed brochures, is financial savings. To make a change to the brochure may cost as little as an hour of the web designer's time, compared to the massive printing costs involved in printing and the cost of delivery, be it postal or by hand.

Of course, there's also the time factor. A change can be made available within a day on the Web, but in print, this can take several days, if not weeks when taking into account that the brochure still has to be delivered to (prospective) clients.

Konrad just wishes he didn't do that ugly grey banner-like header. Hindsight...

View the website here >

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