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Web design for an NGO

Client: Narcotics Anonymous South African Region

This is an example of a basic, but functional website design, made roundabout 2001 but tweaked again a few years ago. For NA, all that was needed was a website for its members to visit and get details such as the latest meetings lists and details for events and for drug addicts to discover that help is available.

This is a free, personal project of Konrad's which involved other web developers for the email services and the forum. It's an ongoing labour of love for him.

It was unnecessary to have a particularly good-looking site – NA is in no competition with anyone because there's no money to be made, but it's important to NA that as many addicts as possible are aware of its existence.

The important issue here was efficient navigation. For any medium-sized site it can get pretty harrowing trying to find the information you're looking for, and the average Web surfer doesn't wait.

People who look for information on the Web display a very different behaviour than those who find it by telephone or printed documents – it's called instant gratification and addicts know a lot about that.

Important numbers are displayed at the top of every page, as their helpline numbers are often the most popular reason for outside visitors logging on.

On the Meetings page, visitors are greeted with a map of South Africa, showing the location of different areas, from where they can narrow down their search for meeting details. This is especially useful for foreign visitors, of whom there are many due to the popularity of Cape Town rehabs among Dutch and British health tourists. Other functions include order forms (outsourced) and MP3's of volunteer NA members talking about their experiences.

Although Konrad is responsible for the website design and weekly front-end maintenance, the client sourced their own back-end programmer.

Go to www.na.org.za to view the site.


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Cost of rehabilitation

While almost all private rehabs in SA introduce their patients to NA, more and more NA members come straight "off the street", especially since the cost of private rehabilitation* is affordable to only those in the upper middle income group, and there are precious few competent government rehabs.

NA is a free, long term solution for managing addictive behaviour, and to prevent relapse, and is run by its own members.

*R120 000 over a 6 month period


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