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Wine label design: Hermit on the Hill

Client: Pieter de waal

A client and old friend of Konrad's since age 5, Pieter de Waal (of Vinotage fame), needed a logo that would portray the medieval origins of this Boland house wine.

He needed a label that would say "house wine", something warm, something for friends – he didn't want Nederburgh. So, if while watching the slide show of all the designs you're reminded of "clip art", well, it's supposed to look cheap.

A bit of manipulation to the typeface, a light squiggle to hint at the widely recognised Paarl Mountain where his wine originated from, some careful consideration of colours and there we have it! OK, that's definitely an over-simplification.

Over the years the Hermit on the Hill label changed and Pieter commissioned more wine labels for different variants. It's been wonderful to watch this house wine develop and gain popularity – a true passion of Pieter's. You may call him on 083 357 3864 if you have any queries about his wines.

Full wine labels and variants >


Wine label design: Rode Wijn

Client: Rode & Associates Property Consultants

This related job was a quicky for bottles of wine given to conference goers at Rode's annual property conference in 2005, as corporate gifts.

Obviously the byline "Verdrijft de Pijn" – Dutch for roughly "Drown the Pain" – referred to a bad economic year, coming or going. Erwin Rode, CEO of Rode & Associates is known for his sense of humour and he incorporates it in his conferences. In fact, Konrad regularly creates cartoons for Rode's publication covers and slides at these conferences.

This one should however not be seen as a proper wine label design.

Full wine label here >


Packaging design: Liqueur box

Client: Purlikur

The client, Welgemoed, Bellville based Purlikur, released a limited edition box for their locally produced liqueurs to commemorate the centenary of the Anglo Boer War*.

We created a collage of sepia-toned images from that war, careful to not give a biased impression since the market for this box consisted of both Afrikaners** and English South Africans & British tourists.

The imagery showed the main players and the cause and effect of that cruel and bitter war – this was the war known for its guerilla warfare and concentration camps***. Some South Africans, especially Afrikaners, are still bitter about this war fought more than a 100 years ago. The motive, as with most wars, was resources or greed**** (a.k.a. money).

Two sizes of the box were produced which flew off the shelves, so to speak. Purlikur still got inquiries and orders for the box years later. Sadly, the owner of Purlikur, retired architect Paul Rode, passed away in 2010, leaving his 3 sons, daughter and wife. Oom Paul was a cousin of Konrad's father Erwin, and ran Purlikur with his son Francois. Both Erwin and Paul Sr have/had a great interest in history.

Incidentally, another son of Paul's, Paul Jr, owns Bundi Adventures and The River Rafters, both companies Konrad did web design and search engine optimisation for in the past.

Full box design here >


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* Anglo Boer War

Known today as the South African War, probably because until recently, history books omitted the many black Africans who participated in the war, on either side.

** Afrikaners

Called Boers (or "Boere" in Afrikaans) back then, meaning "farmers". The Boers were mostly of Dutch, French and German descent.

*** Concentration camps

This wasn't the first time internment camps were used, but it was named "concentration camp" during this war. It was the first time an entire nation was targeted for internment.

The British, realising that Boer soldiers were getting their food from Boer women and children living on farms, burnt down their farms and houses and even poisoned water supplies in a scorched earth policy. The British army then imprisoned the women and children in concentration camps where ±27 000 died of hunger and disease, as well as an unknown (but possibly greater) number of black civilians.

A few decades later, Germany's Nazi government would of course take this horrific form of "warfare" a giant step further.

**** Greed

In this case, the British became interested in the Boer states after gold was discovered there. Britain sent many conscripts, vastly outnumbering the Boers, but they initially struggled to adapt to the Boers' guerilla tactics. Britain won the war.

More at Wikipedia >


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